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Track any Indian mobile number on our website. Just enter the 10 digits and our mobile number tracker will find the state (circle) and operator of that mobile number. This gives you a rough idea of where a mobile number might be located in.

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Best mobile number tracker can find out the rough location of any mobile number in India. It can locate most 6XXX, 7XXX, 8XXX, and 9XXX number series. If you are being spam-called by someone or if you are being harassed by a number, you can get an idea of where the caller is located in India with this website. However, if you have lost your mobile phone, this isn't the place to track it, it would be best if you went to your nearest police station to file a complaint about your lost or stolen phone.

How does this work?

We take the first four digits of your entered number to locate its circle and operator. This does not give you an exact location but does give you an idea of where you are getting the calls from. However, remember that a number can be used in any state or circle and not necessarily in the circle it was registered in. Also, due to mobile number portability, some numbers might have a different operator than we list.

To use the tool, simply enter the 10 digits number on the textbox above and click on "Locate". Our tool will search the series on our database and if a match is found, it'll show you the registered location. It also shows you the circle on Google Maps. Currently, we only support Indian numbers, but soon we'll also be supporting other countries.

Disclaimer: The tool does not show you the exact location of a mobile number. The coordinates shown on the map aren't accurate; they just represent the circle (state). We also do NOT save your mobile numbers, only the first 4 digits are saved.