Best way to track a mobile phone number

Each year, studies are being conducted and this year a study has highlighted a universal fact that around 70 million phones get lost worldwide. Without GPS location, SIM card, or Internet access, you will think it will be impossible to locate the missing cell phone. But have you ever heard of a cell phone number tracker that would pop up the location of your phone? The application we are interested in is AppTracker. It utilizes IMEI number so as to track phone number and location of your lost phone.

Best way to track a mobile phone number
Best way to track a mobile phone number

On the other hand, you might have seen that you receive a phone call from an unfamiliar number or unwanted spam call. In this case, you either put it in blacklist or ignore it. However, if this cell phone number irritates you then using AppTracker is a must? Technology has advanced and you get to see new gadget and application nowadays more frequently. This power-up the people with a desire to have a tracking experience. However, it has disadvantages too; even a phone number can blast the other cell phone. 

If you wish to know how mobile phone number tracking is done, then this article is dedicated to you. You need to go through it and acquire all the steps that make you a top-notch tracker.

What is AppTracker

What is AppTracker
What is AppTracker

Just like other mobile tracking application AppTracker is also a newly born tracking app that permits its registered user to track someone’s cell phone number. The traditional and conventional methods of tracking number have become old and untrendy. It also possesses lots of drawbacks and shortcomings that dissatisfy the customer by not giving suspect information on time.

All the entire range of drawbacks and shortcomings get vanished through this modern tool. It has the capacity to locate anyone’s cell phone without creating any hassle for users. Some of the hassle full moments are what if you get caught or someone sees your tracking activities and tries to expose you. The mobile number tracker is a next-generation app, that doesn’t have any disadvantage rather it offers interesting and easy to handle features.

It can be used as GPS tracker so as to locate locations of a suspect in past or present. This great tracker needs a strong connection with the internet for acquiring information. GPS location coordinates can be known to the user. Furthermore, this tracker can also be utilized so as to hack on whatsapp and SMS messages. No matter what, an employer, spouse or parent can access the services of this tool.

Finding the phone number owner using AppTracker

Finding the phone number owner using AppTracker
Finding the phone number owner using AppTracker

The AppTracker allows the user to find out the phone number owner information even if ranges outside one’s social network. Using it parents can know the phone number of kid’s friends, employers can know information about new employee and spouse can know to what his or her partner is chatting.

The web service of this tool is unbelievable as it can track everything online. It can even locate owner present location. This way you can get a detailed report about the phone number owner as well as his or her whereabouts.

Another interesting thing you can do it possible tracks the present home or resident address. Once you get the phone number, you can enter into the search bar present on the app and see the address of the owner of the phone number. Many times GPS tracking fails, so it is best to use an application that can do anything for you.

Is it possible to track caller ID without any call

Cell phone never stops even at the coordinates of GPS; you are free to track name, address and other details about the person.  The software installed in AppTracker pop-ups name of the caller. Without calling the suspect you can easily track his or her cell phone.

Features of AppTracker

Other than tracking phone number, this tool is capable of offering other services too. It assists one to track other activities of the suspect held on social media or other platforms.  It will take a few minutes to read all the features of this tool, so have a look-

  • Read instant messages- the assistance of this tool allows you to read someone’s messages that were held at present or in the past. It is familiar that social media apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Viber have taken over the entire market, so if you wish to receive messages from there, it is also possible.
  • Phone call recording- calls have become so common that most of the people rely on calls instead of messages. Each day, tons of calls are made and received in such a way that the counting is impossible. However, if you wish to know the call made or received by a particular person, then it is possible. Incoming, missed or outgoing calls can be tracked through the AppTracker. Recording of the calls is done on the control panel.
  • Listen to surrounding voices- a lot of things are going on in the background when you receive or make the calls. No matter whether the suspect is in the office or outside, you can still listen to outside voices going on in the surrounding. This way you can detect where he or she is. For example- if the suspect is in a mall, you get to hear surrounding chattering.
  • Track GPS location- are you in need to identify where your children, spouse or employees are? Then now you don’t have to worry anymore, you can easily use this feature and know about it. Tracking application will provide real-time or live location of the person on whom you are tracking. The person will never ever come to know about your activities. You can use this feature in case you have lost your cell phone and don’t want someone to utilize it. Within seconds, the application will provide you complete detail about the suspect.
  • Video call logs- the most important and used feature that got offered to the user is video call log recording. All the video calls made or received by the suspect can be monitored and saved on the dashboard. Nowadays video call feature is also facilitated by social media apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and other apps too. So, active user doesn’t find any difficulty in using it because they don’t have to access specific app for it. You can track video calls made using these applications.
  • Monitor entire browsing history- people get to use browsers so as to find about a product or service, so your kid or employee might utilize browser so as to search something. The kid can stream adult sites, so parents can identify them and block them all so that it doesn’t have any harmful effect on his or her mind. Pages and sites visited or landed by the target can be monitored and in addition to this, bookmarks and downloading can be seen.
  • Alert- another interesting feature that makes user daunting task easier is an alert feature. No one wishes to log in their account so as to see the activities again and again. So, a special feature is incorporated into it that’s alert. Through it, you can know live about the live activities of the suspect.

How to obtain it

If you want to track mobile phone number then you have to obtain AppTracker that has user-friendly and amazing feature. Given below is a step by step guide that allows you to have it without any hassle-

  • Step 1- download the app- just visit this link and download it. Or else you can get it from Google play store but it is recommended to obtain it from this link as it doesn’t involve installation from unknown source.
  • Step 2- configuration- proper configuration is important that means you should have a reliable internet connection. The security system of the device can be changed.
  • Step 3- installation of the app- now you get to install the powerful and amazing software on your device.
  • Step 4- Once the installation process is completed you can make an account through valid password with easy to remember the username.
  • Step 5- Now you are free to track phone number.

One any user follow these steps, he or she can effectively start monitoring activities of the suspect. It takes a few minutes to log in and have all the details at your fingertips. The only thing you get to keep in mind is that application is 100% undetectable that means you will not caught by your kid or employer or any other person you are spying on. Everyone has their reason to use the tracker, you can find yours.


The AppTracker is one the rarest application that has captured the whole of the market. It is because of two reasons – the first reason is that it offers incredible and appealing features and the second reason is that it offers 24×7 customer service. If you find any query related to the application then you can clarify it using the customer desk section.